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  4. if you still need maphack pm me https://discord.gg/rCa3Z5V
  5. Is there one available for this now?
  6. Hello I have recently created a clan called Clan WaR (We are Relentless™) on (US-EAST) I'm looking for active players that are interested in ladder games as well as custom fun obs games Solo/2v2/3v3/4v4. I am also looking for 5 loyal shamans if you think you can be that person hit me up through PM or even visit the clan channel in east I'll be on my aka "WaR" Thank you, looking forward to meeting you guys! :)
  7. i can only play through x86 version,, did i just waste my 5 $ ?
  8. Would love to see feature like this: Every 12 hours there would be new 2 challenges. If you dont complete the challenge then it stays in your quest menu. Maximum of 2 active challenges at one time. - Win 10 PvP games using only red heroes in your team - Do 50,000k damage to enemy players - Kill 100 enemy heroes - Do 5000 poison damage - Heal your heroes for 5000hp Im curious if you guys like this feature idea too and what other types of challenges you think would be fun?
  9. It coult be because the laptop is trying to load it as a raid as most laptops that can use 2 hardrives want to compine them but can you get in the bois.. and what laptop is it?
  10. basileus

    Steam purchase

    you get the code and when ordering put in on steam code field. they should then process your payment.
  11. Shahriyar

    NeoN (1.31.1)

    Version 4.1.2


    Latest version of NeoN This version works with the latest version of Warcraft III (
  12. Hi. I want to have an "insert image" button added to the xfield. like the insert avatar hack. eventually show the "insert bar" like over short and log story. Any tips?
  13. thankx alex for helping i did what you say : changed the template with the first copy of the template and i cleared the chang but the problem it hte saaaame
  14. Please check my order

    1. youasung


      Please check my order

    2. Aburo
    3. Aburo


      Сайт знакомств Тюмень : семейный сайт знакомств

  15. wts/t maphack for RGC WarCraft last map
  16. allo guys i want to maphack for rgc thnx ..
  17. ENT still on 1.30.1
  18. Also would like 1.30.1.
  19. kkc705

    I have a few questions.

    I paid 'steam wallet code' to subscribe MH. How long does it take to get approval? and Do you have an MH manual? If you have one, please link me.
  20. they working on it
  21. Hello Id like to get the new maphack for this new version (1.31.1) because the game fails and closes when i try to use the last version of neon thanks
  22. i think 1.30.1 is very important because there are lots of players still there.
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