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  3. Barrie

    Reforged Update

    Are there other maphacks for WC3 out there, or is this it?
  4. Earlier
  5. currently there is not I suppose
  6. yyaux

    Reforged Update

    any update? Is reforged version up?
  7. battle net classic doesnt exist anymore for a while already. There is only wc3connect and the official blizzard battle net
  8. So is this something that's in work or is this a dead end?
  9. umer04

    Neon For Wc3connect

    lol i dont have yet i play in wc3connect dota 1 1.30.1 you can find the client from entgaming.net
  10. what is your game name? dont use mh againts me please
  11. umer04

    Neon For Wc3connect

    hey guys I m new can someone help me get Neon for Wc3Connect 1.30.1 I tried downloading but it says you do not have the permission am I missing or if I have to buy can someone help me with the procedure? Thanks in Advance.
  12. New here, first post. Looking to jump on the bandwagon and was reading other posts. It seems there is a live MH for some versions? How does that work, I thought all users had to be on the latest version when playing online? Is there a MH I can use today while playing? (Whether it's classic, reforged, etc.) Edit* - I also read the purchase guide. So I just pay and then I'm able to go download. I saw that they work for specific versions, it's been awhile since I've played WC3, how do I download a specific version? Am I screwed and in downloading to my PC and Laptop again, am I forced to use the latest version (which there isn't a mh for)? Thank you all so much in advance!
  13. Ok thank you for answer. do you have any idea when it will be ready ?
  14. Hi Not currently, we'll notify our users with email once it's out.
  15. Hi Not currently, we'll notify our users with email once it's out.
  16. Hi everybody, all is on the tittle. does Maphack works in battle net for Warcraft 3 classic ? i want to purchase. thank you
  17. where's my order?

  18. Hi everybody, i play at Warcraft 3 the frozen throne (classic) , on battle.net , the version 1.32 Does exist an MH who works on it ? i want to purchase thank you
  19. corokko

    ETA on update

    Not soon. Admin was afk for at least 1 month. I hope he return and update RGC .126 maphack. İt is detected by map (AKA need memory check protection)
  20. dsh

    ETA on update

    Yo when can we expect an update?
  21. Is the reforged maphack available or not ? I saw a thread saying it would be ready 1 month ago... can't understand if I buy it and it's not finished. Will you extend the period or what ?
  22. to0t

    Which version to buy?

    alright thanks
  23. Hi Our reforged cheat is not updated for the latest game version yet and our classic version is for mostly old warcraft version which you can play free on private servers
  24. Recently decided to boot up warcraft 3 and it is now somehow run through the battlenet launcher. I entered the game and the layout is all different yet I am only on my previous warcraft 3 license (as I cannot use reforge visual settings) is the classic (cheaper version) of the maphack outdated on the new warcraft client and require the reforged version ($25 per month) of the maphack?
  25. oh.... Let me know if you get reforged one ready have a good one! :D
  26. Version


    Latest neon version for x86 warcraft 1.30.1
  27. Hello 1 week minimum 1 month max
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