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  4. where u play ? rgc iccup or battle.net?
  5. I hope someone to confirm my payment
  6. Earlier
  7. New update is still in development progress and needs more time Thanks for your patience
  8. Shahriyar

    Payment pending

    Hi Orders are manually confirmed and due to time difference between us sometimes there is a 4-6 hours delay
  9. Spuntinu

    Payment pending

    Hello, the status of my payment remains pending while I bought a steam wallet and I informed it during the payment procedure why? How to validate my steam code?
  10. Greetings everyone I uploaded a new version of neon which supports 1.26a patch It's fully tested and undetected on both RGC, iCCup and probably the rest of platforms
  11. Version 4.5.1


    This version works on 1.26a version of warcraft Works well on both RGC and iCCup
  12. NeoN has a free version for 1.26a you just need to google it You can also search for WUMH 1.5
  13. padla138


    need maphack
  14. dendy_bug

    Can i play at ICCUP?

    you find mh for iccup ?
  15. Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file.
  16. I bought Neon and downloaded NeoN 1.30.1 Copied and paste the files onto my warcraft, entered my email and license keys onto the ini.file The maphack doesnt work. Please see the screenshots, Thanks shots
  17. Thanks. I just bought the subcription. what version of neon should i download in order to works on ENT WC3connect? I dont mind to get banned because i have VPN
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