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  2. All of supported versions available for download here https://neoncommunity.net/files/
  3. Last week
  4. Does it work on ?
  5. Jayw21


    is the current Version Detected? I got an account banned last month, had to re-buy WC3.. Would like to not do that again.
  6. Earlier
  7. giovanny123

    Making Maphack

    please give me a map hack dota DotA Allstars 7.00e4
  8. offdps

    Item Tracking

    Add item tracking. This is an essential, I think.
  9. how can i prove some trial license
  10. giovanny123

    Making Maphack

    any answer for DotA Allstars 7.00e4 rgc hack
  11. koko


    can u confirm plz for paymen i use gift card xbox
  12. koko


    plz comfirm payment
  13. Ryu

    Making Maphack

    anyone can make me maphack I will pay more info PM not for dota or platforms with protection
  14. elpaya


  15. I tried playstation and xbox, see product not longer available
  16. You can buy PlayStation and Xbox prepaid cards instead of steam cards Check here for the updated purchase guide
  17. Hi, there is no $15 card available. if i buy a voucher $20, can i buy 2 x $10 license (2 x 2 months)? Will the second 2 months license expire after use my first one? or if i buy 2 x 2 months license, will you be able to extend the license expiry date to 4 months on 1 license if i pay $20 for 2 x 2 months? Thanks
  18. You're welcome You need a classic license. https://neoncommunity.net/store/category/1-neon-classic/ https://neoncommunity.net/index.php?/topic/2-purchase-guide/
  19. Thank you. It works!!! :) what version should i buy? Can you send me the link please? There are so many classic version. Thanks
  20. Ryu

    MapHack 1.27a?

    Anyone know any maphack 1.27 Neon works on 1.27a?
  21. Thank you. I will give it a try after i finish work tonight and let you know if it works on WC3connect :)
  22. Hey You don't need reforged license for wc3connect I created a test license for you https://neoncommunity.net/clients/purchases/
  23. Hi, can i get a trial to see if the new basic or reforged works on ent wc3connect please? I want to buy but last time neon didnt work on wc3connect. Thanks
  24. doesnt the basic or the new reforge works on WC3connect on entgaming? https://entgaming.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=135760#p524895
  25. Hello Unfortunately due to sanctions against my gov I cant accept any other payment methods,
  26. Hi there, I want to pay with my Pasysafe card. This should be possible. But how? Pls help me
  27. Hello We've released the new version of neon for warcraft reforged. New release is undetected and we're totally invisible from the game's perspective. This version requires an Intel CPU and won't work on AMD CPU's. Your CPU must also support Intel VT-x and EPT for NeoN to work properly. It works fine on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 We've also changed our licensing system. Warcraft classic and Warcraft reforged now has 2 separate subscription plans. This means you can't use neon for reforged with a neon classic license and vice versa. All existing subscribers will receive a reforged license (+ their lost account time) and after the expiry time they need to apply for a new license. Please note that the above process is manual and requires you to contact me (pm, support, discord)

    75.00 USD

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