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  1. New update is still in development progress and needs more time Thanks for your patience
  2. Shahriyar

    Payment pending

    Hi Orders are manually confirmed and due to time difference between us sometimes there is a 4-6 hours delay
  3. Greetings everyone I uploaded a new version of neon which supports 1.26a patch It's fully tested and undetected on both RGC, iCCup and probably the rest of platforms
  4. Version 4.5.1


    This version works on 1.26a version of warcraft Works well on both RGC and iCCup
  5. NeoN has a free version for 1.26a you just need to google it You can also search for WUMH 1.5
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    *(_QWORD *)&v64 = aHasreforged; DWORD2(v64) = 11; v53 = sub_7FF7AFB70850(1i64, (__int64)&v84, v41, (DWORD *)v42); sub_7FF7B0025F30((unsigned int *)&v68, (__int64)&v64, v53, v52); v54 = sub_7FF7AFBC2890(); v55 = (*(__int64 (__fastcall **)(char *, __int64))(*((_QWORD *)v54 + 9) + 72i64))(v54 + 72, -3181588362320665597i64); v56 = (unsigned __int8)((__int64 (*)(void))loc_7FF7AFB70B30)() && !v55; *(_QWORD *)&v64 = aIshdmodeenable; DWORD2(v64) = 15; sub_7FF7B0025F30((unsigned int *)&v68, (__int64)&v64, v65 == 1, (unsigned __int64 **)v70); v48 = (unsigned __int64 **)v70;
  8. Shahriyar


    I have dumped the game using https://github.com/changeofpace/Overwatch-Dump-Fix and decompiled it using IDA Pro 7.2 with extra pass Is this the same ?
  9. Shahriyar


    Lacks most features but I guess that's acceptable for a free tool This game is protected well so good job anyway
  10. Shahriyar


    That's nice but ain't it easier to use FiddlerCore to replace the GlueManager.js file ? https://github.com/justMaku/Forge/blob/master/Forge/Program.cs#L16