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  1. disconnect yourself from the world fucking retard
  2. dont wait for an update soon. judging by the huge problems of this patch, there will be new in a week
  3. you can name yourself Four Chan and give adres Chan N4. Shahri wont come and steal your house. dont worry
  4. Emin3mchy


    How many files, called neon do you see? If there are only 2, you must: 1. Turn off antivirus 2. Un-zip 3. Make an exception for the biggest(by bytes) Neon file 4. Have fun
  5. Emin3mchy


    Make a print screen of the code, upload somewhere and send it to Shahri
  6. Map hack Camera range hack reveals enemy's cooldown on spells/items reveals Enemy pings and a bonus: load hack - useful to smoke a joint for 1-2 min while the screen is loading there are some more options, like removing fog or being able to click on enemies to check their items/spells even in fogged spaces.(only this isdettectable) Lag hack doesnt exist. Its the players with high ping or bad internet connection for the computer, where bot is hosting, which cause dropping of players
  7. Emin3mchy


    offgamers.com is trusted
  8. Emin3mchy

    How to pay?

    https://www.offgamers.com/game-card/game-point/steam-wallet-codes-us There
  9. Minimap on custom games is black, because of the new patch. would be great to have its something easy to do. if not, i believe next patch fix will do it
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