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  1. Barrie

    Reforged Update

    Are there other maphacks for WC3 out there, or is this it?
  2. So is this something that's in work or is this a dead end?
  3. New here, first post. Looking to jump on the bandwagon and was reading other posts. It seems there is a live MH for some versions? How does that work, I thought all users had to be on the latest version when playing online? Is there a MH I can use today while playing? (Whether it's classic, reforged, etc.) Edit* - I also read the purchase guide. So I just pay and then I'm able to go download. I saw that they work for specific versions, it's been awhile since I've played WC3, how do I download a specific version? Am I screwed and in downloading to my PC and Laptop again, am I forced to use the latest version (which there isn't a mh for)? Thank you all so much in advance!