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  1. too0thpaste


    Why do we need 1.3? The current version is working fine
  2. too0thpaste

    2 questions

    It depends, but if you play nice. You will not get ban for a million years. I.e. never ever click the units you can't click so they can't trace you. Play smart so people can't see you my.
  3. Hi, The option clickable unit, allow us to click on the enemy units everywhere. Would it be detected by the fog click my detector? Previously, I never be able to click on the enemies in the fog or invisible units. Is there a risk to allow the clickable units option ticked, of fog mh detector? Thanks Toothpaste
  4. too0thpaste

    Home Key

    Sosha bro, Can you add another key, my laptop key board doesnt has home button Thanks toothpaste
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