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  1. jason

    Payment Suggestion

    Just a suggestion, how about giving +10% duration for Bitcoin payment (33 days instead of 30 days), because Bitcoin is awesome & it will change world ! :) As a nice little support for cryptocurrency payment
  2. so its same question... why use it there? neon hack is just for bnet, im sure you didnt use it there just because of this topic
  3. but how did u know it was detected there? you must have tried it there
  4. why use it there? its for bnet
  5. its a matter of trust, as what users mentioned above. When users paid $50, they were promised that its a lifetime subscription. If they were told that it will be $50 for a limited time, I'm sure many users wouldn't have bought. Just imagine you go to a car shop and you buy a car, then after 4 months after you paid, they tell you that the car you bought doesn't belong to you anymore, and you need to pay monthly to use it.
  6. yes, it should only be for new customers not old.. people that paid $50 were promised that the payment was a one-time payment that includes future patches now they realized it was wrong