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  1. I can create a script for dota 2 what would you need done? PM me
  2. Supreme


    I have created a loadhack for all versions of Warcraft 3. - Only works in custom games on current version and the load is up to 5 minutes - There is a current version with 10 minutes as well Also, there is one for ladder games but it is not for 5 minutes, much smaller around 2.5 minutes. PM Me for details/proof
  3. Time is running out, reforged is coming in a couple weeks and I have bots that will satisfy your needs. Many of you abusers love the outcome of getting free wins but hate doing all the dirty work. The dirty work is no longer needed I have created scripts to run multiple tasks! Here are some of the things I have scripted and are currently working: - Win bots - Loss bots - Clan creation bot - Hostbots (not GHost++ more of a personal one) - Account creation bot If you have any other scripts you would like me to make shoot me a personal message. I can help with anything Warcraft III related. Don't waste time get your icon while you sleep or while you are away from your computer.. time's almost up! To purchase a subscription PM me! (Proof is shown before subscribing)
  4. Hello I have recently created a clan called Clan WaR (We are Relentless™) on (US-EAST) I'm looking for active players that are interested in ladder games as well as custom fun obs games Solo/2v2/3v3/4v4. I am also looking for 5 loyal shamans if you think you can be that person hit me up through PM or even visit the clan channel in east I'll be on my aka "WaR" Thank you, looking forward to meeting you guys! :)