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  1. i think 1.30.1 is very important because there are lots of players still there.
  2. Why are you insulting him for? He's a very nice person. If you bought this license before he changed it, just ask him what he could do to make this work for you. It's not that difficult. Sosha could've been charging you guys for the past five years when it used to be free.. How many of you guys donated a single penny?
  3. Guys, Sosha has explained himself. It's time to move on. The best scenario is for all of us to get together and figure out a solution that is fair for both sides. If you guys have some ideas so I can recommend it to Sosha, please post it here. Do not spam trying to bash Sosha. He is not a scammer. He's had his NeonHack for free here for many years and how many of you donated money to him for keeping the project alive? Have some respect. Yes, we don't have to like how things changed but complaining about it will not help. Just write down any ideas you have and we can all recommend it to Sosha. Just be honest and we can go from there. I have known Sosha for many years in D3Scene... Never once took him as a scammer. He is one of the most respected members ever in D3Scene. This was just a decision he felt was best for himself and we can all respect that as well.
  4. This was a huge update. Lots of maps have been screwed up so you know this won't be a quick fix.
  5. I appreciate Sosha for keeping his maphack free for all those years and being very responsive in updating when he has to but I am deeply disappointed in his decision to not allow previous purchases (before being switched to a subscription-model) to be entitled to what they purchased. Don't get me wrong; I agree that this is a great way for Sosha to continue working on this while being compensated further but this is the same as Amazon telling their customers that they are able to purchase an item with the lifetime guarantee and then change their decision after customers have purchased it. In my opinion, Sosha has been a fair individual who has been great to the D3Scene community. And $5 per month is still a solid deal considering he never once asked for any monetary reward before turning it into a paid program. But it's just not morally okay and not what I expected from such a respected member. Best of luck to you Sosha but this was rather disappointing.
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