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  1. Auto item pick up: Automatically picks up items near the hero, for example when a creep drops an item. Enemy clicks: The ability to see the opponent's clicks on his or your units. Delay reducer: Being able to reduce the movement delay 0ms-250ms in your own hosted custom game. Production time: Reveals the minutes/seconds left for a building/unit production to finish. Game time: A timer from beginning of the game, to see how long the game has been on for. Auto share: Automatically shares to your allies. Enemy hero line: A visual line on the map, revealing the enemy hero's destination. Micro tool: A set hotkey when pressed, will send the selected unit to your main base, to make it much easier and faster to micro.
  2. Firstly I would like to say that I like the brand new NeoN ingame menu layout, and the fact that you don't have to use numlock anymore. I would like to make suggestions to future updates, and I think everyone else should do as well, so that we altogether can create the most attractive war3 experience. Feedbot: Toggle on/off feeding 10g / 5-10w spam. If the receiver of feed is a NeoN user, it should be possible to turn off ressource notification spam. The ability to select hotkey toggle for feed spam, so you don't have to open menu everytime. I will update the post over time, whenever I get a new idea. I think everybody else should also share their ideas.