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NeoN - Warcraft III & Starcraft II Hacks

Purchase Guide


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To purchase NeoN, first enter the store page and select the product that suits your needs.

We have two type of license is our store.

  1. NeoN Classic (works on warcraft classic versions. see downloads section for list of versions.)
  2. NeoN Reforged (works on latest warcraft reforged version.)

Licenses can be bought with Steam Wallet Codes and you also can make your payments with PayPal or Revolut and as well as cryptocurrency.  

Revolut direct link to pay: 

PayPal payment information: 


Online Store for Steam Wallet Codes:

You can find more websites online in case the mentioned websites are out of stock.

It's important to buy United States or Global version of the gift cards because we don't accept any other region codes.

Once your payment is confirmed you can go to your purchases page and grab your license.



After that download the latest version of NeoN from here and extract it to your game folder. Then open NeoN.ini with a text editor and put your email and license in it.

Feel free to use our help forum and our ticket support system if you have any questions.




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