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New changes to our store

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We've released the new version of neon for warcraft reforged.

New release is undetected and we're totally invisible from the game's perspective. 

This version requires an Intel CPU and won't work on AMD CPU's.

Your CPU must also support Intel VT-x and EPT for NeoN to work properly.

It works fine on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

We've also changed our licensing system. Warcraft classic and Warcraft reforged now has 2 separate subscription plans. This means you can't use neon for reforged with a neon classic license and vice versa.

All existing subscribers will receive a reforged license (+ their lost account time) and after the expiry time they need to apply for a new license.

Please note that the above process is manual and requires you to contact me (pm, support, discord)


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