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Head back into the Lair and provide the bars to the Runescape


Teleports - self explanatory. Priffdinas Teleport - takes you to the big elven city. God Wars Dungeon Teleport - takes you inside the dungeon; you are given a warning first, and you must have already been inside OSRS Fire Cape. Telejump - teleports you to some random place on your minimap; useful in crowded PVP when you're losing. I can not think of any more good teleport locations, but I'm sure you guys will.

Ability Associated Spells. Grace - raises agility by 7%; raises experience given by 12 percent for following second. Jas Infusion - only works while wielding a talisman team that's loaded with a talisman; crafts all of character in your inventory whilst giving mage exp and extra runecrafting exp; an omni staff results in random runes, like ZMI altar, but doesn't double exp; needs 80 runecrafting to use

Song of Character - fertilizes and therapies disorder in any farming patch near you; if you are wearing an amulet of character, it does this to all your patches. Bountiful Harvest - throw on a farming patch to collect it harvest; additional exp and guaranteed 15% growth in yield There should be more, but I am out of thoughts. Emotional Focus - raises attack and defense by 9%. Only Fury- increases strength by 11%. Swift Wind-increases ranging accuracy by 18%. Mystic Purity- increases mage accuracy by 23% and max mage hit by 1. Purify- heals poison. Heal- utilize on a participant to heal 5 of their hitpoints; cannot use again for a certain timeframe.

Refresh heals another players stats re - heals your hitpoints. Mutualism - treats your enemy 10 hp and you 15 hp; they have to be in combat with you Buy OSRS Power Leveling. Combat Spells. Tornado Eye- deals up to 13 harm to anyone in a 3x3 square around you.

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