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My inventory contained logs as well as some money

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My inventory contained logs as well as some money. Also, I had 300 gp. A tiny elf crystal was available to teleport lleyta. I was running toward llyeta and began to feel like I was about to slow down. However, i was right in front of those lvl of 88 wolves. I lost my connection. I thought, "Oh, I suppose I'll be protected from those wolves since I already was in a secure spot." But when I tried to login again, I was dead!

Then I began to get scared! The only items I had in my possession were my firemaking cape and 2 magic logs! My friend visited my world to fix my grave. My gravestone was there in just a few minutes, and the grave was rebuilt! I was very relieved.If you want to know more about OSRS,you can visit rsgoldfast.com/

When I put all my supplies put together... I realized that something was very horribly wrong... All that was under my grave was the strung rabbit's foot, damaged book, tiny elf crystal thing, my 24 other magical logs, and 358 gp! Then I thought, "Where in the sam hell is my Inferno Adze!?" I began to panic!

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