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NeoN - Warcraft III & Starcraft II Hacks

Pay with cryptocurrency

This announcement is no longer active


Hello friends, we have considered a cryptocurrency wallet which makes the payment process much easier, and we have also considered discounts for paying with cryptocurrency.


**Wallet address**

Link Dm Me GIF by SaralinaTV

click here ⬇️


Please note that all crypto payments have to be approved manually by one of our admins (waiting time: up to 24 hours).

After having paid with crypto, your payment will show as pending. Within 24 hours, you will receive emails with your crypto payment confirmation, order confirmation and license key.

Our admins approve crypto payments once per day.

Please be careful in your payments and be sure to pay attention to our warnings and try not to make a mistake in payment.

Join our discord for guidance and communicate with the Moderators.

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