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Paying 500$ for a working MH for battle.net


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16 hours ago, yyaux said:

Willing to pay for anybody willing to develop a working and non-detectable mh for battle.net.


Contact me on discord: Californication#4443

Our reforged maphack is updated to work with the latest reforged version which is and you don't have to pay 500$ for it, only 25$ a month.

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After reading the forum I think you have misread my inquiry. Indeed Neon does NOT work for battle.net (multiplayer), it only works for single-player. 

@Shahriyar Is it foreseeable when you might have a mh for battle net (multiplayer)? Is it in development?


Thank you

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On 12/9/2021 at 3:56 AM, creedtrup said:

WTB original zMap for 1.26a maphack from Zoid that was really undetected from 2004-2011 years if someone still have it.
Contact me on Telegram @MacTep88 or Skype Creedtrup . Paying good money for this maphack.

Good old zMap! With the best features. 

What happened to Zoid? i heard he suicide?

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