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Firstly I would like to say that I like the brand new NeoN ingame menu layout, and the fact that you don't have to use numlock anymore. I would like to make suggestions to future updates, and I think everyone else should do as well, so that we altogether can create the most attractive war3 experience.



Toggle on/off feeding 10g / 5-10w spam.

If the receiver of feed is a NeoN user, it should be possible to turn off ressource notification spam.

The ability to select hotkey toggle for feed spam, so you don't have to open menu everytime.


I will update the post over time, whenever I get a new idea. I think everybody else should also share their ideas.

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Auto item pick up:

Automatically picks up items near the hero, for example when a creep drops an item.


Enemy clicks:

The ability to see the opponent's clicks on his or your units.


Delay reducer:

Being able to reduce the movement delay 0ms-250ms in your own hosted custom game. 


Production time:

Reveals the minutes/seconds left for a building/unit production to finish.


Game time:

A timer from beginning of the game, to see how long the game has been on for.


Auto share:

Automatically shares to your allies.


Enemy hero line:

A visual line on the map, revealing the enemy hero's destination.


Micro tool:

A set hotkey when pressed, will send the selected unit to your main base, to make it much easier and faster to micro.

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19 minutes ago, SnowStorm said:

I agree with the ability to extend loadhack it's to short

The maximum wait time for loadhack in 270 seconds and it's not limited by neon but it's limited from the game itself, if you wait more than 270 seconds the game will drop you and you will receive a loss

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Would love to see feature like this:
Every 12 hours there would be new 2 challenges. If you dont complete the challenge then it stays in your quest menu. Maximum of 2 active challenges at one time.

- Win 10 PvP games using only red heroes in your team
- Do 50,000k damage to enemy players
- Kill 100 enemy heroes
- Do 5000 poison damage
- Heal your heroes for 5000hp

Im curious if you guys like this feature idea too and what other types of challenges you think would be fun?

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